About Western Gateway Park

About the Park

Western Gateway Park is on 87 acres in Penn Valley and the centerpiece of the Western Gateway Recreation & Park District.  WGR&PD is a California Special District and located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills within Nevada County in Northern California.    

The park is managed by a five person, non-compensated, board of directors elected to serve a four year term.  Board meetings are open to the public. Public comment and participation is always welcomed at board meetings. The meetings are typically held at 6:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month at Buttermaker's cottage.

The meeting agenda and other board events are posted a minimum of 72 hours prior at the Buttermaker's Cottage, Bulletin Board off the Main Parking Lot, The Gateway Dog Park, and 3 other locations in Penn Valley and on the events calendar at  Events Calendar for Western Gateway Park Board
If you would like to be included on the agenda, please contact Elliott, District Secretary, at 530 432-1990 and make your request a minimum of 10 days prior to the next meeting.

Board Chair:     Nancy Peirce
Vice-chair:        Cliff Bryant
Directors:          Dan House, Jim Driver, Chris Harris

Park employees include Elliott Bringman, District Secretary; Steve Gunder and Bob Frey, Maintenance; and Chrissy, Janitorial and Gatekeeper.

Funding for the park is mainly through a special district parcel fee of $12.94 paid by property owners within the boundry of Western Gateway Recreation & Park District.  Additional funding is derived from reservation of amenities at the park and donations for special projects. For more information, please click on WGP special district map and History of the park.

Many of the improvements and ongoing maintenance at the park are a result of volunteer work and donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. More about Western Gateway Park projects can be found at Park News.   For more information on helping Western Gateway Park -   Donate or Volunteer.