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Park Reservations Information

For information on what venues are available to be rented on any given day, please call the District Office at 530 432-1990, Tuesday through Friday, 9 am – 1 pm.

Online reservations are not available at this time. Please call the office at (530) 432-1990 or email “office@westerngatewaypark.com” with a reservation request.

Western Gateway Recreation & Park District offers a fee based reservation service for our park venues. When you reserve an area for a specific day and time we calendar your event, prepare the area for you, and post signs giving notice that the area is not available for public use for the duration of the posting. This is especially convenient during our busy season to ensure you have the park venue you want/need on the day of your event. It is highly recommended that you schedule 2-6 months in advance for events taking place between June and October. The larger the area you want to secure the more lead time, up to a year, will be necessary to ensure the facility is available.

We have a number of Picnic Areas throughout the park. Some areas are covered, others are near our year around creek, and still others are near playground structures. Please check the bottom right corner for links to all our Picnic Areas with photos and descriptions.

In addition to other uses, we also have two areas for performance arts, the Stage Pavilion and Ampitheater. For an indoor climate controlled venue our newly renovated Buttermaker’s Cottage offers 1,100 square feet with kitchen and restroom facilities for meetings and celebrations. Western Gateway Park hosts many weddings each year and is also the home to non-profit fundraisers where several park areas are combined to accommodate those events.

We also offer reservation services for large and small lawn areas and our various sports venues including Bocce Ball, Disc Golf, and Baseball. The Western Gateway Dog Park has six separate fenced areas that can be reserved for private gatherings, training classes, and Doggy Playdates.

For more information, pricing, and reservations for these areas, please call our office, (530) 432-1990, and leave a message. The District Secretary will return your call.

Note:  For all reservations please call (530) 432-1990 or email the office: office@westerngatewaypark.com. Thank you!

Published on: January 10, 2018  -  Filed under: Reservations