Park Amenities

Exercise and Walking Trails

The park gives you a choice of paved roads and sidewalks, service roads, and unpaved paths all around the park. The park also has a parcourse, exercise stations, around the center lawn.   See Park Map for greater details.

Exercise Station 10

Paved Walkways.

Pedestrians and vehicles share the paved park roads around the center circle and over the creek to and around the ball fields. In addition, a 1.7 mile sidewalk/bike path runs along Penn Valley Drive past the park. Towards the west, the sidewalk/bike path connects the park to the Park and ride at Pleasant valley road. Towards the east, the sidewalk connect the park to the shopping center at the intersection of Penn Valley Road and Spenceville. 

10 Station Parcourse Fitness Trail.

The park has a 10 parcourse exercise stations roughly around the outer part of the lawn area of the upper park. From the main parking look for station number 1 behind the bocce courts to the right (west).  Head south towards the two covered picnic pavilions to find stations 2 through 5. Continue around towards the children's play area and then towards the amphitheater.  The last station brings you back around to the other end of the main parking lot.  Just follow the instructions on the sign at each station.  Fitness Parcourse map.

Walking Trails.

The park has many trails and service roads that go from the tennis courts through the golf course and around the dog park. On the west side there are 4 pedestrian bridges crossing the seasonal creeks, and on the east side there is one longer bridge connecting the grassy area behind the tennis courts to the amphitheater area. Check the Park Map to for where the paths begin at the edges of the lawn areas.

If you are interested in biking trails please check out Bear Yuba Land Trust write-up on the Penn Valley Bike trail, or check out their description of the Trails here at the park.