Western Gateway Park, Reserving Facilities and Amenties

Reserve Amenities

The park has many large events such as festivals and concerts each year, as well as weddings and smaller functions and meetings.  Listed below are the facilities available to reserve. We can help you plan what facilities and areas you may wish to reserve to help your event go smoothly. Please call or stop by the office in Buttermaker's cottage 9 to 1 on weekdays, except Wednesday 1 to 5 pm.

Package prices are available to reserve entire sections of the park to accommodate your event, including vendors and parking.  Special rates are also available on Buttermaker's Cottage for recurring events.  Non-Profits are given a discount.

When not reserved, all park facilities such as the courts and picnic areas are free to the public and can be used on a first come first served basis.  All facilities are open sunrise to sunset unless noted below.

Below are amenities available to reserve within Western Gateway Park.

   Upper Level:
        #1 Covered area, power, 6 tables                     
        #2 Covered areas, power, 6 tables         
        #3 Open area by playground, 3 tables              
        #4 Covered area by main restrooms, 6 tables            
   Creek Area:
        #6A Shady Side, large BBQ, 6 tables              
        #7A Shady Side, 4-6 tables                             
        #6B Creek Side, 2-3 tables ea.                        
        #7B Creek Side, 2-3 tables ea.                       

Open Lawn Areas – Available Sunrise to Sunset
        Small:  1 thru 6 hours                                         
        Small:  Full Day                                                 
        Large:  1 thru 6 hours                                     
        Large:  Full Day, includes center circle parking  
Tennis/Pickleball Courts (3) – Available Sunrise to Sunset
        Per Court                                                                
        Tournaments:  3 courts                                          
Disc Golf Course – Available Sunrise to Sunset
Bocce Ball Courts (6) – Available Sunrise to Sunset      
        Per Court                                                                 
        Tournaments:  6 courts                                     
Ball Fields (4) – 2 hour minimum
        Daylight without field lights                                 
        Field 3&4 with lights                                                                     

Amphitheatre – Available Sunrise to Sunset
        2 thru 4 hours (2 hr. min., elec. avail.)               
        Full Day                                                             

Buttermaker’s Cottage – Available 8 am to 10 pm
        1 thru 6 hours                                                      
        Full Day                                                           
        Special Weekly Meeting Price                           
            Cancellation Charge:  0-15 days – 75% of rent; 16-30 days – 50% of rent
Penn Valley Pavilion Stage – Available 8 am to 10 pm
          1 thru 6 hours                                                
          Full Day                                                         
          Power Distribution Box                                                           
            Cancellation Charge: 0-15 days – 75% of rent; 16–30 days – 50% of rent; 31-60 days – 25% of rent
Dog Park (3 Sections) - available sunrise to sunset.
          Per Section                                                    
Package Rents
          Entire Upper Area (Does not include Disc Golf)     
          Four Creek Area Sites                                              
          West Area (Stage/BMC/Picnic #1&#2, etc.)            
          Set-up/tear-down fees for rental agreements that require area day before/after event