Western Gateway Park Creek Area

Western Gateway Park Creek Picnic Area

To get to the Creek area, use the main entrance and proceed around the center circle. Keep right at the main parking lot and proceed down the hill. The Creek area contains a childrens play structure, 4 picnic sites with one large BBQ and many small ones.  Reservation of the entrire Creek area includes the childrens play structure.  The Meadow lawn may also be reserved if more space is needed.

Map of creek area.

Picnic #6A (left shady side, in front closest to parking lot and playground) has 6-8 tables, 2 small BBQs, 1 Large BBQ,  and no power.

Picnic #7A (left shady side, behind 6A) has 6 tables, 1 small BBQ, 6 and no power.

playground and picnic tables,

Picnic #6B (right side by Creek, closest to parking lot and playground) has 3 tables, 2 small BBQs, and no power.

Picnic #7B (right side behind 6B) has 3 tables, 3 small BBQs, and no power.