Donate to the Park

Western Gateway Park needs you.  Donations of time and money have allowed the park to thrive and grow despite funding levels set in 1996. 

You can help us keep going:

Charitable Contributions to the park are tax deductible.

All donations to the park go towards the public good and are fully tax deductible to the extent of the law.  You will receive a written receipt for your charitable contributions tax records.

Please click on the donation form below, print and send the completed form to Western Gateway Park District,  P.O. Box  597, Penn Valley, CA 95946. Donations may also be dropped off at the park office at Buttermaker's cottage weekdays, 8am - Noon. Please indicate on your form if you wish your donation to be used on a particular area of the park or amenity. Contact the park if you wish to donate materials or goods. 

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 Park Operations and Funding

Bocce Courts and benchesHome owners in the Special Park District (Penn Valley area) pay a set $13 fee each year for the operation of the park.  With inflation, this money barely covers the cost for part-time employees to perform necessary maintenance and administrative tasks.  The park has no full time employees. 

Fortunately for the park,
Nevada County is not only rich in history and beauty, it is also rich in volunteers that help our community be even better. Volunteers have provided abundant support including everything from engineering support (master plan drawings), to mowing lawns and pulling weeds, to serving on the park's board of directors. Donations and partnerships have built and upgraded our amenities, including the bocce courts, park benches and night lighting at the ball fields.Volunteer tending entrance garden.

A vibrant park not only benefits local residents, it also benefits local business and all of our property values. It makes our community and Nevada County strong. Goods are tax deductible at their fair market value to the extent of the tax law.

If you enjoy a particular amenity of the park, such as the Disc Golf course, Dog Park, Playgrounds, or park grounds and gardens, consider sending a contribution targeted to that park amenity.

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A Big Thank You to all the great people who have given to the park.

Volunteers adding walkway to ball field restrooms.

Richard Eacobacci was given special honors as the 2011 and 2012 Volunteer of the Year and was recognized by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors for his extraordinary contributions to the park. Richard has contributed countless hours over many years to help bring the park to its current standard. His work includes engineering support, Master Plan development and ball field maintenance.

Many other volunteers help the staff to keep the irrigation and water system flowing and the lawns healthy. Broken pipes and sprinkler heads have to be repaired or replaced as an ongoing project and filters are cleaned regularly.

Volunteers can also be spotted in the gardens, pulling weeds and tending plants or out mowing lawns in the park.  The dog park volunteers worked on the water line extension and irrigation system at the dog park. And the disc golf users maintain and improve the 18 basket course. Likewise the softball users can be proud of their volunteers.

The board of directors recognizes the significant contributions of all the volunteers. It is to their credit that Western Gateway Park is known as the Jewel of Nevada County.

Little league playing under the lightsVolunteers putting in water pipes to dog park.Updated map of disc golf course.