Off Leash Dog Park at Western Gateway Park

Park Amenities

Off-Leash Dog Park

Western Gateway Park is dog friendly with lots of on-leash walking trails and open space. Doggie bag dispensers and trash cans are located throughout the park.  But the dogs and their people really enjoy socializing at the off-leash dog park.

To get to the Off-Leash Dog Park, use the west driveway (on the other side of the Disc Golf course) and follow the driveway to the parking lot.  There is handicapped parking, drinking fountain and bathroom (vault toilet) available at the dog park.  

Lots of people and dogs at the park.

The dog park can be reserved like all other park amenities.  When not reserved, you can choose whichever section you want, but if you see only small dogs in a section, then do ask if the small dogs are OK with a larger dog in their midst. The fence around the perimeter is 5' tall. All sections have a hose bibb to fill water bowls. In the summer you may fill a small kiddie pool to let your dog get wet and cool off.


The dog park relies on volunteers who donate their time and energy to improve and maintain the dog park. Like most dog parks, this park needs cash contributions as well. Please consider making an annual contribution of any size to the dog park.  Your contribution can be made to the Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park, Box 5 Penn Valley 95946 or to the park. 

Website for the Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park Association.

dog splashing in wading pool

Dogs sitting in the chairs