Park Amenities

Picnic Pavilions, Picnic areas, and Open Lawn Areas

The park has three large covered picnic pavilions, shown below.  Each has 6 large picnic tables.  In addition the park has 5 uncovered picnic areas. All have BBQs and some have power.

In addition, groups and events can rent the open lawn areas for vendor booths and additional parking. Package prices are available to reserve multiple amenities and whole sections at the park. Public wifi is available in and around Buttermaker's cottage. The Wifi reaches most of the Stage Pavilion, Bocce court and Picnic #1 and #2 area.

Note that even when an event is taking place in a large sections of the park, the park is still open to the public.  There is enough room in the park for everyone!  You will find additional single picnic tables and open areas in the park that are not described here.

Picnic Pavilions #1 and #2 (shown below) are located to your left when entering the main entrance.  Each Picnic Pavilion has 6 tables, BBQs and Electrical Power.  The Stage Pavilion is to their right.

Uncovered picnic area #3 is to the right of the main playgrounds on the circle.  There is a BBQ and a few tables.

Picnic area #4 (shown below) is to the right of the bathrooms and main parking area on the circle.  It has 2 BBQs and 6 Tables.

Covered picnic tables.

Down the hill, before the bridge, and next to the Creek playground structure are four more Picnic/BBQ areas.

#6A (left shady side, in front) has 2 BBQs, a large BBQ, 8 tables and no power.

#7A (left shady side, behind 6A) has 1 BBQ, 6 tables and no power.

playground and picnic tables,

#6B (right side by Creek) has 2 BBQs, 3 tables and no power.

#7B (right side behind 6B) has 3 BBQs, 3 tables and no power.