Park Amenities

Bocce Ball

The six Bocce courts are to the left of the main parking lot on the circle and to the right of Buttermaker's Cottage continue to be very popular. Bocce can be played competitively on these courts, or just for fun. The bocce ball courts were built by the Nevada County Italian Festival Committee with help from the community. Boy Scout troop #4 has added 12 benches. 32 teams competed in the bocce ball tournament on the courts during the 2011 Nevada County Italian Festival in September. So bring your bocce ball set and have some fun. 

 Bocce tournament on 6 new courts during Italian Festival.

Bocce is similar to bowling, although there is more of an element of strategy, and just a little luck involved.  It is popular with all ages.  To get started, you will need to purchase a Bocce set which has a number of larger bocce balls and one smaller ball called a pallino.  Then two teams attempt to throw or roll their balls closest to the pallino without touching it.  Or you may want to knock the pallino towards your teams balls if the other team is winning.

One or more Bocce Courts may be reserved.  If not reserved, the courts are available on a first-come first-served basis.  But remember, if all the courts are taken, you can play open bocce in any of the open grassy areas of the park.   Just toss your pallino out and begin play.     Bocce Ball Rules.

View of Bocce Courts, about 80 ft long.